Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Breastvest Review

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After months of being limited to your maternity wardrobe you have your little one and finally you can fit back into your favourite garments - Oh wait you're breastfeeding so you now find yourself even more limited than before........... 

This is exactly how I have been feeling these past few months since giving birth to Dexter, I guess I have let breastfeeding dictate my wardrobe to some extent. I love that I can feed my son and the bond we have is beautiful because of this. Around the house by myself I have no issues about flashing my rather flabby and unshapely tum or whipping out my boob but out and about I get very self conscious. There are all sorts of things I have to think about when feeding in public: Am I going to expose my mummy tummy? Will I show too much boob?, realistically what are the chances of nip slip - is there any way of being so discreet that none of these things happen?

With a regular T-shirt/vest etc. the only options you have to feed are to pull them up (revealing your tum), pull them down (stretching the material) or unbuttoning (which is really hard to do with one hand!). I appreciate that some Mothers are more comfortable than me with their Mummy Tummy but if not then I would definitely recommend the breastvest

So what is this breastvest? I hear you ask.......keep reading to find out. 

You'd actually be amazed at how difficult it is to find clothes that allow easy and discreet access to your breasts. It's even harder this time of year with the cold weather because you not only need a base layer that is easily accessible but you also need a jumper, cardigan or coat to keep you warm. I have been resorting to zip tops to make it easier. That's why when I heard about the breastvest and was given the opportunity to review one I couldn't wait!  

The breast vest is a revolutionary breastfeeding piece of underwear that makes any top a breastfeeding top. The design was invested and tested by breastfeeding mums and is so simple I'm quite surprised that no one else had thought of it sooner. It's very obvious that it has been made by someone that knows what it is like and how awkward it can be to feed, be comfortable and fashionable at the same time. The vests were awarded Gold by BizzieBaby in 2013  and Silver award in the 2013 Loved By Parents Awards in the category of Best Feeding Top. It has also been featured on one of my favourite programs - This Morning! 

As soon as I tried the vest on I fell in love with it, the material is really soft and not too thin covering all my curves. Dexter loves the feel too and I often catch him stroking down my side feeling the material. The vests comes in black, white and more recently an array of limited edition colours. All colours are available in XS, S, M, L and XL sizes. I opted for Medium and have been wearing it with items of clothing from my pre-pregnancy wardrobe that I didn't think I'd be able to wear again until I had finished nursing. 

I really like the concept of the breastvest and have enjoyed testing the product out. I've been wearing it every day for just over a week now and it has been washed everyday. The vest washes and tumbles very well, no shrinkage whatsoever which you often get with vest tops. It's made of 95% viscose and 5% elastane. The vest sits underneath your bra ensuring no interference with feeding which can be a problem if like me you roll tops down to sit them under your boob. I'd definitely recommend the vest for nursing mums, even those of you who are pregnant at the moment. It's great for covering your bump which can be quite difficult sometimes as tops are often too short exposing the lower part of your bump. The vest is priced at a very reasonable £15, for some this may seem a little pricey but for any good quality vest you are looking at this price range. 
We're going on an adventure
*We were sent this item for the purpose of the review. All opinions are my own. For my full disclosure please click here.

Friday, 11 April 2014

Family Photo Friday Week #1

This is my first week linking up to Family Photo Friday, I'm a huge fan of my Nikon D3100 and since having Dexter I don't need an excuse to have it on and snapping away. Not a day has gone past where I haven't taken a photo of Dexter either on my phone or DSLR. I'm really excited to be linking up with Thursday's Child, Friday's thoughts  weekly linky.

Out of all the photo's I have taken this week I just love this one of Daddy and Son. We were having a bit of a lazy day on Tuesday because Daddy was off work so we spent some of the day cuddling on the sofa. We really miss Daddy when he's at work so spending time together is very precious.

Family Photo Friday @ Thursday's Child, Friday's Thoughts

Thursday, 10 April 2014

What the Poop?!

Before and during my pregnancy I would often go out with friends, my husband and family for a good old catch up. We'd talk about the good old days, what was going on in our lives, work......the usual. Never once did it cross my mind that once Dexter was here I'd spend most of my day talking about poop!

For the past three months the topic in our house has ultimately been Dexter's bowel movements.......
Does he need a poop?, Has he pooped today?, What colour was it?, Why hasn't he pooped?, Good God you should have seen that poop.....it went everywhere! 

Those are the kind of sentences that would be heard if you were a fly on the wall, far from the delights I thought we would be talking about. Needless to say my son's bowel movements are not something everyone wants to hear about ha ha. New babies don't come with a user manual unfortunately which leaves every new parent guessing what's going on with their child. However, they do leave little clues as to what is going on with their health and it's your job to decipher them. 

Dexter has been constipated recently so we haven't seen his regular once a day explosion for a while. Instead we have been getting a lot of smelly farts (rotten vegetables smell better!) and the foulest smelling poops with a consistency of paint. I'm not sure what's changed because he's still being exclusively breastfed but my god the smell! I've always been quite good with bad smells but there's only so much my poor nostrils can take! The health visitor seems to think he is doing fine, she just told me to give him a little bit of cooled boiled water if he hasn't been for three days or more. He was weighed on Monday and is doing perfectly, following the 50th centile exactly. I guess I must be doing something right but who knew poop could change so much when what's going in is still the same? 

At the moment any kind of poop is a good poop, even the projectile poop that happened this morning whilst he was having a bath. There aren't many things worse than poop in your face whilst trying to put a nappy on your wriggly baby that's nice and clean after his bath! Oh to add to that, the distinct lack of sleep from a night of feeding every two hours! But how can you do anything but laugh when you have such a cute little face beaming up at you. All I could say was "What the poop Dex!?" and there he was secretly laughing to himself after his greatest achievement to date of getting poo on mum's face! 


Sam and I have lived in our house for almost five years now, the reason I call it a house is that it's never really felt like a home. When we moved in practically every room needed attention and money was something that we sadly lacked, five years on and this is still the case after a large wedding and now me being on maternity leave. However in the mean time we have been able to spruce up some of the rooms, we had a major project in the bathroom that has thankfully been completed to a good standard after an encounter with a cowboy builder! 

We also decorated the hall, porch and after a lot of help from my dad this week the dining room is now almost complete too. 

The first three pictures above is what our dining room looked like until I got fed up of the  fireplace and decided to go all incredible hulk on it and smashed it to smithereens. The last two photos show it after we had covered it up with plaster board and had it plastered. Unfortunately it stayed like that for a number of months but for a few weeks now I have been getting more and more fed up so decided I needed to do something about it. 

I'm very lucky to have an incredibly handy Dad who can do pretty much anything and to a really high standard. A couple of weeks ago my Dad and Sam painted the entire room which brightened it up instantly but there was still a lot left to do. At the end of last week I decided I was going to paint all of the woodwork. On Monday Dad came over and we cut and attached the skirting board, Wednesday we hung the wallpaper on the chimney breast and on Thursday we built two bookcases. I can't explain how thankful I am to my Dad for his help. The room has been completely transformed and it wasn't that expensive either, it's amazing the bargains you can find if you look hard enough. All that's left to do now is buy a curtain pole and curtains and finish a little bit of painting on the skirting board where the screws went to hold it in place. 

Spending time with my Dad this week has been really enjoyable and it's so lovely to see him with Dexter. There's already a beautiful bond growing between them, the way Dexter smiles at him is heart warming. I'm really thankful that I have such a lovely Dad, he's helped me in so many ways over the years and this week he's put the biggest of smiles on my face. I don't have that many pictures of me and my Dad but this one is definitely my favourite. 

I can now have dinner parties without cringing at the state of our room and I've also got somewhere really nice to write my blog from. 

Adventures Of A Monkeyfooted Mummy

Wednesday, 9 April 2014

On Demand v Scheduled Feeds

I have been exclusively breast feeding Dexter since birth and have always fed on demand, I personally think if a baby is hungry then feed him........many disagree.

For generations so called "baby experts" have advised parents to feed their babies at three to four hour intervals. The shift to "on demand" feeding is only a recent development and one that is welcomed by me in particular. Studies such as that from Iacovou and Sevilla 2013 suggest that scheduled feeding can actually impair the cognative function of children both breastfed and formula fed. Unfortunately some parents don't get this message and the idea of scheduled feeding is already deeply ingrained as the correct way to feed a baby.

The evidence that states "breastfeeding on demand" is more beneficial is supported by the following conclusions.

• New mums are more likely to establish a good milk supply if they breastfeed on demand
• Newborns should be fed frequently and whenever they show signs of hunger—ideally, before they begin to cry as this is the last stage of hunger and it's a lot harder to console a crying baby.
• It's a good idea to let the baby's interest, not the clock, determine when a breastfeeding session is over.
• Demand-style infant feeding schedules permit babies to adjust their intake in response to natural variations in breast milk quantity and quality
• Infants breastfed on demand may benefit from higher quality breast milk and fewer digestive problems
• Infants (of any age) breastfed on demand may experience less stress and pain
• Infants fed on demand may take more naps

I honestly believe a baby that is nursed on demand is happier, Dexter is always calm and collected. The only time he starts having a fuss is when he's getting hungry. He's almost thirteen weeks old now and has increased his birth weight by 5lb 10oz. He is still having night feeds, sometimes they are two hours apart and other nights he sleeps for a full six hours before wanting a feed. As long as my boy is getting what he needs I will carry on feeding on demand.

I'm always interested in other peoples views, does anyone use scheduled feeding as part of their routine? Please leave your thoughts.......