Thursday, 8 May 2014

Dexter James 2-4 Months

It's the 8th again and this time you're a whole four months old! I can't believe how fast these months are going, you're getting so big! It has only been four months since you were born but already I can't imagine what life was like before you. 

Here's how you have been getting on for the past two months:


Your sleeping is still a bit hit and miss, most nights you are great and you sleep for up to eight hours straight through however, the odd night it's back to waking every two hours. Those nights in particular are quite difficult for mummy - I do love my sleep. You're still sleeping a lot during the day but we have been stopping you from sleeping after 6 pm so that you sleep better at night time and so far so good, apart from the odd night you seem to sleep quite well. 


You're a proper little giggle monster now and such a funny little boy. That's it, you're a little boy now - no longer a baby. This makes me quite sad, you're growing up so fast but I'm so proud of you and you amaze me everyday. You're really ticklish, particularly on your neck and thighs. You first giggled when you were about two and a half months old and ever since you have been laughing more and more - probably because your mummy, daddy and grandparents are bonkers!

You've been trying to grab things for a while now and you've almost mastered it! It's not very often that you miss a toy that you're trying to reach and this makes you smile. While you're trying to reach for them you often shout at the toys. Shouting has become your favourite past time, in particular shouting mum, mum, mam, mam, muuuuuuuuum - rather like stewie from Family Guy ha ha. I know you probably don't know what it means yet but I'm classing Mum as your first word ha ha.

I don't know where you get all of your energy from but blimey you've got some moves! Whenever we put you down on the floor, bed or changing mat your legs go crazy! It's like you're trying to do river dance and it makes me giggle every time. Even if it is a nightmare to try and put trousers on you!!

Grandma P recently bought you a Jumperoo and although you're still a bit small for it (your little feet don't quite reach the floor yet) you love the activity centre - all the music and lights keep you entertained for ages! Talking about music and lights, about a month ago you noticed the telly and we can't get you away from it so Mummy keeps it off a lot of the time because it's very difficult to interact with you when you've got your eyes glued to the screen - much like your father!


 You still love your milk and shout for mummy whenever you're hungry. We haven't tried you with anything solid just yet but you have tried some flavours - You've tasted an apple, carrot, nectarine and banana. You don't really give much indication as to whether you like or dislike the flavours. I guess we'll see when you start on solids. 


  • You love being sung to, mummy doesn't have a great voice but you don't seem to mind. I always get a smile when I'm singing some random nursery rhyme - particularly the welsh ones.
  • You went swimming for the first time a couple of weeks ago and you seemed to really like it, you were babbling away on the way around so here's hoping you'll be a water baby and enjoy swimming like mummy and daddy.
  • You seem to really like Smudge the cat and your interest in her has grown a lot over the past few weeks. I keep showing you how to stroke her and I let you have a go - Under my watchful eye of course - you do like to pull her fur. 
  • Your reflection - you've always taken notice of yourself in the mirror but for the past month or so you have been smiling a lot at your reflection.
  • Waiting - You're not the most patient baby in the world especially when it comes to milk!
  • Wind and Sun - you're not a fan of the wind in your face or the sun in your eyes. You do pull some funny faces if it catches you off guard. 
  • Being Filmed - We often try to film your little conversations and you could be babbling away one second but as soon as a phone or camera comes out you stop.