Saturday, 3 May 2014

Just Keep Swimming.......Just Keep Swimming............

On Monday we took Dexter for his first swimming lesson and he loved it!........Well he didn't actually say that because he can't talk but he seemed quite happy swimming about with mummy.

Even before Dexter was born we'd already discussed how important it was for our children to be able to swim. Both Sam and I enjoy swimming and I often competed in competitions when I was younger and in the Air Cadets. I know it'll be a while before we can teach Dex the front crawl but we can get him used to the water. While I was pregnant I kept seeing posters advertising the "Baby Swim School" that is run at local hotels in our area. I mentioned it to Sam quite early on and we decided when Dex was old enough (3 months) we'd enrol him on the first 10 week course and see if he liked it.

There are four sets of ten week courses increasing in their intensity and on Monday we took Dex for his first lesson. I must admit I was quite nervous taking him in the pool, but I needn't have worried because it was such a breeze. We swam around with the babies on their front, then on their backs, sang nursery rhymes and the bit I was most worried about - Dex swam underwater! It was very brief but I wasn't sure how he was going to react as he's never experienced anything like that before. I was very proud of him as he took it in his stride and just looked me as if to say "Mummy what the hell was that?"

Dexters teacher was lovely and I really enjoyed the class. We're working up to Dexter being able to spend longer under water and have been given homework for when he is in the bath. We have command words so he knows what's coming, rather like the way you'd train animals I guess. So when he is in the bath we have to say "Ready........Dexter..........Go!" and run a handful of water over his face so he gets used to the sensation. We did it in the bath this morning and he seemed a little shocked but no tears.

Sam and I are going to take him swimming together on Monday seeing as there is no class (Bank Holiday) and I can't wait. I'll make a water baby out of him yet! In a few weeks time there will be a chance to get an underwater photo which I'm really looking forward to. We do love our photography in this house. Let's hope he carries on enjoying his time in the pool, who knows he may be the next male Rebecca Adlington ha ha.